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olivia perez  Olivia Perez, but she’d prefer that you call her Liv, is a 23-year-old former bunhead ballerina who works as a contributing writer, just like me. Her warmth and inviting nature come as a shock. How can someone so cool and accomplished be kind AND beautiful? Seriously, she is a treat. And she is your future BFF. Her lifestyle website Friend of a Friend cements her place as an it-girl to watch on the social scene and being Bella Hadid’s godsister and BFF doesn’t hurt, either.

Liv graciously invited us into her home just north of Houston Street in downtown New York to discuss fashion superheroes, jewelry trends and wonder women.

olivia perez Who is your superhero in the fashion industry?

I have quite a few. I love Elaine Welteroth right now. She is giving such a voice to the youth of America and beyond. Since I am 23, Teen Vogue isn’t my demographic necessarily, but I’m reading her work. It’s amazing that they’re building that platform.

What is your favorite Teel Yes piece?

The Teel Yes piece that I am wearing right now! I love something that stands out but can still go with everything. Normally, I am wearing something very simple, jeans with a simple top and maybe a cool jacket. I let accessories speak for what I am wearing.

olivia perez

olivia perez
olivia perez

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Everything! But mostly, the energy of New York, seeing my friends, working with friends, and being a part of such an energetic community is something that motivates me to work hard so I can earn to be a part of it.

What challenges do you see yourself overcoming next?

My industry is one that isn’t formally known, per se. I’m not a doctor or lawyer. Some people call me an influencer and some people call me a writer. I think that is a challenge that the industry is trying to define, while also customizing to their own hopes and dreams and goals.

olivia perez  olivia perez

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Loud. Graceful. Funny?

Being graceful has always been one of my favorite words. I grew up as a classical ballet dancer, and in ballet, you’re always taught to have grace. In this industry, being kind and nice to everyone is important. I keep it with me always.

Tell us about A Friend of a Friend! 

Friend of a Friend is an online lifestyle media company. We do everything from creating content for brands to writing content for our own site and companies like Forbes. It’s mostly a community for readers to discover something that they’ve never found before, whether that is through publishing new restaurant openings or brand collaborations or creating real-life experiences.

olivia perez
olivia perez

West Coast or East Coast?

I will never answer that question.

How would you style Parisa Wang’s bracelet bag using your wardrobe?

With everything! It is such a versatile piece to put on with whatever you’re wearing. This is really a statement in and of itself. Also, the bracelet bag can be so universal. My accessories really speak for themselves, so this is definitely one of them.

olivia perez What jewelry trend do you predict will dominate in 2018?

I see the statement earring taking over next year. This year, we saw a lot of chokers and chain based accessories. However, a lot of brands are doing either one earring or some really cool earring design for future. The statement earring will be big next year.

Who is your Wonder Woman?

I don’t like to pick one because I am surrounded by so many of them in the industry. Everyone that I work with, and that I am lucky enough to work with, is my form of Wonder Woman. They are accomplishing so much and doing their part in society and in the fashion industry to make women’s voices heard in the loudest way possible.

olivia perez   
olivia perez

After getting a peek at her personality, are you in love with Liv yet? We definitely are. Check out her Instagram here and be sure to say hello when you inevitably see her at every cool party this year. She’s really nice. Who knows? She could be your future BFF.

olivia perez

Presents by Parisa Wang and Teel Yes 

Photography Via Rachel Kuzma 


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