Todd Hessert, Founder & Designer

Todd Hessert with Summer Y.L. at the Hole

Todd Hessert is the founder of Globe Fashion Week, Inc, and also will soon sell his line that he collaborated with an aspiring designer at Opening Ceremony. He has been trying to build a powerhouse that represents global emerging designers and labels to conquer new markets in the United States and beyond. It’s New York Men’s Fashion Week again, and we asked the questions that you have been dying to ask him!

Todd Hessert with Summer Y.L. at the Hole

1. What do you do? 

“I’m the fashion director of Globe Fashion Week. I have to be the eye and the ear among my team, more importantly, I must keep my ideas fresh. Also, I am doing creative directing at my namesake brand TODD HESSERT.”

2. What have you been working on recently? 

“My team and I have been preparing for the upcoming fashion shows which will happen in February 2017. Due to the high volume of designers, we had received many applications of the fashion weeks(New York, Paris, Milan, and London). We are busying reviewing the applications and getting back to them with the best advice and the most authentic information that we can possibly offer. We want all designers to have their dreams come true.”

3. What does Fashion Week mean to you? 

“It definitely means a lot to me. It is a great exposure to the amazing, fast evolving, fresh and creative industry, which gives me opportunities to learn from others. Also, I’m happy to see all the talented designers to successfully present their collections to the world. I’m always proud of them.”

4. What kind of upcoming designers are you looking to work with?

“Next season we will be working with a few super gifted designers with outstanding designs that are really unique. More importantly, their design is a reflection of their inner spirit.”

5.  What kind of influencers are you looking to work with? 

“There are lots of amazing influencers out there. However, we always try to ensure the influencers we work with can be aligned with a very specific brand image that we are looking for. “

6. How many countries have you lived? 

“I spent many years in China when I was young, then the rest of my life has been in the United States.”

7. How many countries have you visited? 

“Actually not a lot, I don’t have a specific number since there’re many small countries in East Europe that I can’t remember. France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, etc. I guess maybe around 10.”

8. How do Paris and NYC influence your personal style respectively? 

“Deeply inside, I’m an old fashioned person, so I say I more Paris instead of New York. However, as time evolves, New Yorker’s way got me, high street and sports style now become my favorites. I’m also quite into the black culture which is hard to see in other places around the world.”

9. How has China influenced your personal style?

“I love traditional Chinese culture, which definitely affects my personal style. The horse from 12 Chinese zodiacs inspired my ‘Mr. Horse’ collection. “

10. If not Fashion Director, what would you like to do? 

“A chef I would say, simply because I love food and I guess the creative process of making food is somewhat related to fashion.”

Todd Hessert with Summer Y.L. at the HoleTodd Hessert with Summer Y.L. at the HoleTodd Hessert with Summer Y.L. at the HoleTodd Hessert with Summer Y.L. at the HoleTodd Hessert with Summer Y.L. at the Hole



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