The Oversized White Shirt or the Little Black Dress?

I don’t like cliches. Since I worship style, I typically don’t like fashion cliches. “Rules” like “one can never go wrong with black,” or “every woman should always have a little black dress,” just give me headache. Believe it or not, I still haven’t owned my first little black dress yet (well, I have one salsa dress in black, but it doesn’t count as a LBD). 

So for me, I own many oversized white shirts. I always think sexy is an attitude. The little black dress associates with sexiness and elegance. While the oversized white shirt tends to associate with the boyfriend’s shirt that girlfriend likes to wear. However, I think oversized white shirt couldn’t be sexier! Unlike other girls having many little black dresses, I own many oversized white shirts.  For this Sin Daily shoot, I was wearing DKNY Runway collection. Sexy is an attitude, I don’t need to wear a little black dress. 

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Hi, I'm Summer 言奕. I'm a NYC based Chinese Globetrotter with friendships and network in more than 20 different countries. I'm attracted to international cultures and peoples. I can play chess better than Chinese chess, and I'm an avid Argentine Tango social dancer. Please always hit me up if you'd like to dine together or go to a show :)

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