Summer YL x Cecilia Ekici

For all the accidental brands and marketers, they create solutions mainly because they find some problems out there that haven’t been solved by existing brands. Cecilia Ekici is definitely this type designer and founder. She designs American made dancewear and activewear that you can literally wear for any occasions. Since you are reading my blog, you have the privilege to use my code SUMMER10 to get 10% off for everything at Cecilia Ekici ( 

As a tango social dancer, meeting attender and event goer, I often encounter problems such as how many times I need to change a day. But Cecilia Ekici’s designs really helped me solve this problem. I have worn this gorgeous burgundy tango dress to some invitation-only events. 

More important, it is extremely comfortable. Let’s be honest, cocktail dresses look fabulous, but feel uncomfortable sometime. Cecilia Ekici makes you feel that you don’t want to take your dress off. 

Hope I will bump into you at a milonga or an event soon!

Much Love, 


Photographer: Derek (



Hi, I'm Summer 言奕. I'm a NYC based Chinese Globetrotter with friendships and network in more than 20 different countries. I'm attracted to international cultures and peoples. I can play chess better than Chinese chess, and I'm an avid Argentine Tango social dancer. Please always hit me up if you'd like to dine together or go to a show :)

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