Summer Treasure

Summer always seems so short. When summer is about to end and I have to make a confession. This summer is the period I have been feeling imprisoned. I am supposed to have a jet life vacationing anywhere I like in the world – dessert resort life in The United Arab Emirates and Paris visit to A Half Life ( my designer friend who was furthering her embroidered skill at one old couture house. But, I can’t leave the country since my student visa is changing to working visa. 

What’s your summer treasure? Vacationing somewhere new, or having a beautiful summer encounter? For me, it is good companies. Lacking good companies is another factor that contributes to my prisoned life. 

Hope you all have had good companies for your Summer. 

Much Love,


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Hi, I'm Summer 言奕. I'm a NYC based Chinese Globetrotter with friendships and network in more than 20 different countries. I'm attracted to international cultures and peoples. I can play chess better than Chinese chess, and I'm an avid Argentine Tango social dancer. Please always hit me up if you'd like to dine together or go to a show :)


  1. Roy
    07/09/2015 / 11:15 pm

    You are beautiful and sexy!

    • Summer Sins Style
      08/09/2015 / 2:48 pm

      Thank you, Roy!


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