Summer Child – Perfectionistic Strivings vs Perfectionistic Concerns

I was born in Summer. Even though I don’t believe in zodiac signs, I think my personality associates with my birth season a lot. I was born to be full of energy, enthusiasm and optimism. And I still keep one of my birth stories that my mother told me deep down in my heart only between me and her. 

Perfectionism is defined as setting extremely high performance standards with overly critical self – evaluations. it is not necessarily a physiological disorder (and most of people in Manhattan tend to be like this as we all know). Perfectionistic strivings are positively associated with perfectionism, whereas perfectionistic concerns are negatively associated with perfectionism. 

I often set high standards to myself and have critical self – evaluations. I feel pleasure and satisfied when I reach my goals. As a workaholic and a man in a woman’s body sometimes,  I felt the toughness in career over this summer. It is typically difficult for international professionals in the fashion industry because of sponsorship. Thanks to all of the great companies and people for giving me their time, and checking their sponsorship policies for me.

Since I was born in summer, I was born to be full of energy, enthusiasm and optimism. At the end of the day, I am happy because of who I am, not only because of what I have achieved.  

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Hi, I'm Summer 言奕. I'm a NYC based Chinese Globetrotter with friendships and network in more than 20 different countries. I'm attracted to international cultures and peoples. I can play chess better than Chinese chess, and I'm an avid Argentine Tango social dancer. Please always hit me up if you'd like to dine together or go to a show :)

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