Sissi Hou (侯梦蝶), Chelsea, NYC

Sissi Hou is one of the best models in the world, no doubt. She is fiercely feminine and softly boyish. She is represented worldwide by the best agency IMG Models. She has been the faces of a wide range of brands and designers, including  Eileen Fisher, M.A.C. Haute Dogs, iWatch and many more. What makes her highly distinguished is that she has different facets to make herself to be everyone’s girl crush.

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1. What do you do?

I am a fashion model.

2. What does style mean to you

Style means lifestyle, and it can be graceful, relaxing and sexy. IIt depends on your attitude towards life

3. How do you define your personal style?

I like simple and casual style.Because I hope my friends around me and myself are happy and relaxed, I hope this attitude can also influence other people around. However, my features look more sexy. So I got to try a lot of cool and sexy styles from work. I think the variety of styles and lifestyles can enrich myself, so I enjoy having various styles.

4. Has your personal style ever evolved ?

Of course! Like many girls who used to like cute styles of being obsessed with so many pink cloths and accessories, until now I would still stop for those cute pink things. But I know what styles truly suite myself now, so I would merely stop by and take a look. After I moved to NYC, I saw that everyone has unique styles, and even everything has its own unique styles. So I gradually realized that style is never meant to follow the trends or logos, but to be yourself.

5. What is your style most inspired by?

I can be inspired by what I have experienced in life a lot. Like everyday, I tend to have different moods, and different moods lead to how i dress accordingly. Like very week the weather is different, the flowers at my place also change.

6. How has China influenced your personal style?

I didn’t move overseas until I turned 22, so I had been influenced by Chinese culture. I am a typical Chinese girl. I am traditional, a little bit conservative and a little bit romantic. Every change I make needs to be very much considered.

7. How does NYC influence your personal style?

NYC is the city I set my feet in after I grew up. If China gave me self-growth, NYC certainly gives me limitless inspirations at the age of 22 when I was innocent. If one day I go back to China, NYC would accompany me for the rest of my life. She (NYC) is free, boneless; she acts to be cool yet crazy. However, those kinds of features of NYC don’t conflict with my experience. Those identical features actually started being in my blood, and made me part of NYC, like everyone else who came here and eventually resided in NYC.

8. How many countries have you visited?

I have been to most of the European countries, and I also visited Australia and the American countries. I don’t know why Asian countries are where I visited least, so I hope I could go to Asia more often in the future.

9. If not modeling in fashion industry, what would you like to do?

I would probably open a flower shop, or go back to school or even become a geek who stays at home. I want to open a flower shop, because I’ve loved flowers and plants since I was a child. I want to become a geek, probably because I was complimented as smart a lot when I was little. Moreover, I was also lazy. If I could have studied harder, I probably could have already developed some popular games. Haha!

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