SG – Andrea Dankova, The Bushwick Collective, New York

Andrea Dankova is the perfect definition of Sin Gallery’s feature guest. Coming with strong international experiences and a global mindset, she was born in Slovakia, and has lived in all of the places you should live once in your life or you wish you could live there once in your life – London, Switzerland, and New York City of course until recently. Not to mention she has studied in University of London, University of Oxford and Cambridge Marketing College, she also speaks four languages, including Czech, Slovak, English and German. 

As an artist and photographer, Andrea Dankova is determined to involve in social revolutionary changes. She often engages her audience with taboos, such as feminism and domestic violence. Andrea is highly influenced by surrealism. And we can easily tell from our Sin Gallery collaborative projects. 

Andrea likes a challenge. She challenges herself as an artist – participated in two exhibitions within two weeks and constantly received acceptance in publications; she challenges her audience – examines depression and alcoholism in her artwork. And also she challenges the people she works with. 

Andrea pushed my passion to the limits, and she opened another creative world for me. As the perfect identity of Sin Gallery, she challenged me through our collaboration. And clearly, her challenges became inspirations. 

She is artistic, talented, innovative yet intelligent. Andrea likes literature and often likes to converse with people in philosophy. Both Andrea and I are extremely hard working. But in terms of harmony and connection, it’s hard to work on no matter how hard working you are. We look totally different to people, but we generated the same energy when we were together. We explored violence, bipolar disorder and minority cultures.  

As the culture of Summer Sins Style, we create and we deliver, and we leave the maximum space for our audience to interpret and imagine. 

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Editor: Nailah (

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