Reliving Prom with New York Dress and Talking About The Meaning of Romance

New York Dress In the month of love, we spoke to 6 fabulous ladies currently living in the big apple about their love for beautiful dresses and thoughts on what romance means to them as they relived prom with New York Dress!

A few weeks ago, the occasional wear professionals at New York Dress invited our founder Summer Y.L., as well as fashionista Hajra Tariqq, co-founder of Exclusively Social Haley Findlay, owner of Vegans Taste Better and chic mom Nyja Richardson, Miss Connecticut 2018 Bridget Oei, and content creator Andreina Valderrama to a mini prom-themed photo shoot. While many of them got to recreate some prom memories, a few of them got a taste of the special occasion for the first time!

Prom, All Over Again

Prom is huge in the U.S. but it doesn’t exist in many countries. “I was in China for high school, and we don’t have prom there. I think I would have worn a beautiful silky gown in pastel colors, and show off my legs! I would have had so much fun and probably given my first kiss to my date, haha,” said Summer, who grew up in China but has now lived in New York for over a decade.

A New York native with Pakistani heritage, Hajra went to high school in Lahore where they had a prom-equivalent farewell party. “I wore a grey and black sparkly dress which I got to design from scratch on my own; being in Pakistan gives that opportunity and I got a chance to explore my creative side. Obviously, I had the time of my life!”

Soon to be attending medical school in August this year, Bridget, who’s half Chinese and half Irish, attended three proms over the course of four years in high school. In fact, the dress Bridget wore to her senior prom was from New York Dress!

(Left to right) Summer, Hajra, Andreina, Bridget, Nyja, and Haley – The “Class of 2019” at prom in gowns from New York Dress.

(Left to right) Andreina, Haley, and Bridget ready to dance the night away.

When It Comes to Dress Styles

When asked about style preferences, Nyja loves a variety – from A-line, simple cuts to bold and flirty designs – which makes New York Dress a great place for her to discover a wide range of exquisite gowns. “If I had a prom re-do,” she said, “I could definitely see myself wearing the two-piece set I wore from New York Dress.”

Also a fashion and travel influencer, Haley picked out a fun, unique two-piece set to wear, too. The gradient colors give the piece so much character – imagine how easy it is to spot Haley in the crowd!

Haley’s two-piece set has a fun, unique flair.

Hajra, who prefers ball gowns that gives a royal vibe, wore a dark purple long-sleeved maxi dress with floral sequin details on the top.

Hajra rocking the ball gown from New York Dress.

Bridget wore a black Johnathan Kayne ball gown from New York Dress at a Miss America celebration in Lincoln Center a while back. The dress has a long-sleeved velvet bodice and a chiffon skirt that comes with a sweeping train. She loves that there are so many options featuring classic styles with a stylish twist!

What Does “Romance” Mean to You?

Dressing up like a princess and going to prom got us thinking about the meaning of romance and how people from different cultural backgrounds define it.

Nyja told us, instead of a “romantic dinner,” she believes being romantic is really about how one’s actions would affect the person they love. Romance to her is “when you’re thinking of another person, investing your time and feelings into someone and doing your best to show them that you care.”

Bridget also thinks that showing how much one person means to another is itself a romantic act. “That doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money on someone or give lots of gifts. Rather I feel the best way to be romantic is to give your time, attention, and support, making sure they know they are loved!” she said.

To Hajra, who came from a more conservative household, “romance is really about being respected and appreciated by someone.”

#Girlboss Summer sees true romance as someone being caring and genuine to their loved ones. Lavishness isn’t necessary, but something as simple as laughter means a lot more.

Summer in a pink long dress with ruffle details.

If you were to re-do prom, what would you wear? And what does romance mean to you today?

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