Prince Islands – When Summer Was About to Come

Prince Islands are great for summer months escape from the city of Istanbul, as it is only a short ferry ride away from Istanbul. Be spontaneous! It wasn’t summer yet when we created our project there, but the photographer Baturay and I went on a spontaneous photography day trip on the islands. 

As how most of my collaborative projects started, the brilliant and aspiring Turkish photographer initiated at the beginning when he saw me. 

I have done photoshoots with many different styled photographers. So far, he is the only photographer I like in terms of head shots. Because I like how myself looks like through his lens and I think that’s how I look like in real life. 

Another reason why I like to collaborate with him is that this is the first time, my face looks more striking than my body. Good photographer has the power to make people look at one object from a different or new angle. Clearly, he has done it more than expected.

All of the photos are film photos and not touched. They are as original as the islands themselves. Baturay can master digital, but recently he only shoots film. 

Prince islands, as the name implies, were once where the princes and royalty were exiled on. Like any other islands that once were used to imprison the royalty, Prince islands are incredibly peaceful and beautiful as original as they could be. 

Unlike other commercialized getaway islands or tourism fairly developed islands, Prince Islands only have purely teal and relatively small marina, mother nature crafted rocks, and trees, plants and followers that you wish you could see in the city of Istanbul. 

There is still no traffic on the islands. People transport by using bicycles, horses, carts and, of course, walking. And if you are like me, you may walk up hills in your heels.  As the islands are not changed by human forces, wild dogs and cats are anywhere and they are the permeant and original residents on the islands. 

Check out the Turkish photographer’s Instagram here: BATURYUYKU (

His selected portfolio here:

Another great reason that you have to check out his Istagram account is because I am the only female model that he has ever posted there. 

Much Love, 


Photographer: Baturay 

Editor: Nailah 



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