NYFW: Hiromi Asai F/W 16 Runway

First, I have to directly tell all of you – I respect Hiromi Asai (http://nyfw.com/hiromi-asai) as a person, then it comes to a designer & artist. Because she is determined to create authentic kimono, and she successfully presented the entire collection this season at NYFW through crowd funding. She believes that kimono is a universally recognized wear beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries. 

Second, her contribution to her own culture helps present Japanese cultural heritage on a global scale. And that makes me wish one day, Chinese designers can present Qipao globally!

Thanks Hiromi Asai gibing me the almost front row. I enjoyed the show very much. Hope to attend the next season!

Much Love, 


Photographer: Maya (http://www.mayaluophoto.com/)



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