NuWa Marketing Website Live: why I’m NOT only a blogger

Summer Y.L. NuWa Marketing I’m often embarrassed and ashamed of being called a blogger, and many people do call me that, my best friends, my industry friends or my graduate school classmates whom I barely contact now. I have influencer friends who are very proud to be called an influencer or a blogger, but for me, it was never my interest to only be one nor was I proud to only be one. Because I want more than that. Today, finally NuWa Marketing is live, and it carries the value I believe for the future – to help diverse cultural millennial brands.

My true passion is always in strategy, business and enterprise, and my true interest is always running my own business. Please don’t take me wrong – I have nothing to against bloggers or influencers. It’s just incredibly uncomfortable that I can’t be whom I want to be and seeing how distant people’s perceptions of me from who I am.Summer Y.L. NuWa Marketing

Running a marketing agency probably is not as profitable or having high margin as a successful influencer who gets paid $3000 for one post on instagram, but I enjoyed the challenges of supporting emerging brands, from initiating strategies to executions. Looking back of how I first started, I’m very grateful for my dearest friends who also founded the most incredible brands, Rui & Vivi of Teel Yes and Parisa of Parisa Wang. Thank you wonderful ladies for taking the chance in believing in me and providing me with the opportunities to be part of the magic!

Summer Y.L. NuWa Marketing

Without my great team, I can never accomplish so many projects. Thanks to our in-house photographer Rachel who grew with me together. Two years ago, no one barely knows me or Rachel. Until today, Rachel flies in private jet with adidas, and I became global ambassador for charities and gave talks at NYU graduate school. Thanks my sister Nailah for the greatest help and support since before I was only a blogger. Literally, we grew up together from college years until now. She was there with me when I emotionally broke down (god, can’t count how many times), and she was there when she tried to joke with me in English and I just couldn’t get it because of my English skills. Thanks my lovely, bright and talented girls TracyJess, Maryelena and Madison.

Having just started, I want to help more emerging brands and get involved and be part of them. I want to grew with my clients as well as my team. NuWa Marketing, it’s just the start :)



Hi, I'm Summer 言奕. I'm a NYC based Chinese Globetrotter with friendships and network in more than 20 different countries. I'm attracted to international cultures and peoples. I can play chess better than Chinese chess, and I'm an avid Argentine Tango social dancer. Please always hit me up if you'd like to dine together or go to a show :)

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