Meet Rising Fashion Star Nini Molnar

Nini Molnar
Nini Molnar

Nini Molnar is a rising star. Literally.

Not only is the “Starbag,” one of her trademark designs, Nini is a globetrotting boss in every sense of the word.

She is an emerging fashion mogul, model and entrepreneur whose adventurous spirit, creativity and passion have proven that she is a rising star in the world of fashion.

Nini has also caught the eye of media. Recently, her self-titled brand, Nini Molnar, won the Glamour Women of The Year Accessory Designer Award 2017 in Hungary.

Nini has lived in countries in almost every corner of the world, from St. Barts to her native country of Hungary. Each of these places has both diversified and revolutionized her creative eye.

Nini’s designs are a combination of playfulness and bold aesthetics, all of which make a unique statement of their own. The Pombag, Nini’s first design, which features vividly colored sheep’s wool, gives off major London vibes (shop the Pombag here). Her signature, the Starbag, perfectly mixes power and style. Although each collection is unique, they all share an identity that is ingrained and inspired by culture. That concept creates unique, statement-making pieces every time.

The NuWa gets an exclusive look at Nini’s background, brand and philosophy below.

Nini Molnar

Tell us about yourself.

I am the founder of Nini Molnar fashion label ( ) specializing in handbags. We started our brand two years ago and until now we achieved notable success. We developed an extensive customer base worldwide and we won the Glamour Women of The Year Accessory Designer Award 2017 in Hungary. Apart from my work life, I am passionate about traveling and sports.

What’s up next for the Nini Molnar brand?

We have an exciting collaboration coming up with a big influencer – who I can’t reveal at the moment. From what I can share more details on is that Nini Molnar is taking over New York City shortly. We will be opening a pop-up store in a few months’ time.

Let’s talk about the different collections… how would you describe them? What is the inspiration behind each collection?

My first design was the Pombag – a fluffy round bag made from Mongolian sheep wool. The inspiration for this was London clearly – where people are not afraid to wear something different and outstanding. My second handbag the Sunbag – is a rattan bag with a classy feminine shape. The inspiration for this bag was the life in Capri, Italy. I love how I can bring cultures across cultures. For example, the biggest admirer of the Pombag is from Canada and where the Sunbag is most popular is in the United States!


Nini Molnar
Nini Molnar 

You’re quite the globetrotter. Where in the world have you lived, and how have those places made an impact on you and your dreams?

I went to school in Miami when I was 14 years old, after that, I was modeling in Milan for a little while, then I went to New York. After finishing high school in Budapest, I moved to London to do my Bachelor and Master’s degree. Living in so many places made me become flexible and adaptable. I feel like I have a little piece of me from all the places I lived.   London made the biggest impact on me and on my style of design so far.

Living in different countries inspire. How have those places influenced your style and vibe?

Italy and England have influenced my style a lot. I love Italian women dressing so sexy and in London, I love the mix of cultures and the boldness of fashion. I would love to live in Paris for a while to get inspired by the classic style of Parisian women as well.

Nini Molnar
Nini Molnar

How many countries have you visited? Can you name your top 5 favorites?

That’s a very hard question. I started counting on the map now but I wouldn’t get to the end of this interview for a while… I will count it one day. But in my top 5 cities are Capri, London, New York, St. Barths and Budapest. I would recommend to everyone to visit my hometown Budapest. It’s truly amazing!

How many languages do you speak? Any languages you want to learn?

My mother tongue is Hungarian (third hardest language in the world after Mandarin and Arabic) and I learned Spanish and English in school. I started learning French and, at some point, I would love to continue that. J’adore le francais!

 How does being a globetrotter impact your travel, fashio and lifestyle?

I get inspired by my travels, without traveling I wouldn’t be where I am now. Countries, cultures, architecture inspires me and each city I travel to can be discovered in my designs. I also like to learn from my foreign friends. I take a little from everywhere and everyone. I love my entrepreneurial German friends, my passionate Latin friends, my friendly Americans and classy Frenchies. ☺

Nini Molnar
Nini Molnar


What do you think about social media in relation to travel and fashion business? In your opinion, how has it transformed the industry, and where is it going to take it in the future?

I think social media is great for meeting people, exploring places and discover brands. How amazing is that you found me on Instagram? I am grateful for technology.

For me, what is the most important about cities is not the place itself but the people – experiencing travel is the future. This is why when I travel I am not rushing to see the tourist attractions or all the museums, the most important is to understand and discover a city by meeting the locals who can translate the city to you.

Balancing traveling and building a brand can be hard. Any suggestions for other globetrotters just starting out in their careers?

Meet people, connect, share experiences, breath in the culture and don’t forget to leave a footprint. My other general advice would be not to be afraid of dreaming – visualize what you want and it will happen. Trust in yourself! ☺

How do your travels and background influence your designs?

I believe without my multi-cultural background I wouldn’t be where I am now. For me is very important to receive a different kind of impact to be able to be renewed.

Describe how the places in which you have lived, like the vibe of each city, for example, has affected your personal style.

New York makes me dress more laid back – casual and cool. London makes me want to wear something that stands out – colorful but elegant. Other than that, I think my ex-boyfriend’s sister who is German, got me into quirky clothing with a lot of pattern, shapes, etc.

What is your next move for the brand?

My initial idea of the brand was to be exclusively online but now we are opening up for big retailers to sell our design. The next step is the conquer these places so our brand spreads more globally and will be available to a wider audience.

Where do you live now, and what made you call home after your fabulous and glamorous globetrotting adventurers?

People say your home is where your heart is. For me at the moment this place is Hungary where my family lives. I recently moved back to Hungary but I will be moving to New York shortly.

What is your ultimate goal for your brand?

My signature mark is the star, what appears on most of my designs. It’s a lucky charm for me what reminds me, “the sky’s the limit.”  From year to year, my dreams are being realized and I dream bigger every time.

There is a lot more in store for Nini’s rising star. Stay caught up with Nini on her website, and on Instagram at


Nini Molnar


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