Makeup like a princess with Jill Stuart


No matter how old you are, every girl has a princess dream deep down in her heart, and so do I. I want to treat myself like a princess in any possible ways that I could. Recently, I got a chance to visit Jill Stuart showroom here in New York City and received a lot ( Thanks for the generosity!) of their products.

01) Jill Stuart lipstick


The first thing I have to mention is its packaging. This is the ultimate girly packaging at all. All the products use silver girly embroidery but yet, I am surprised by how lightweight they are. Okay, you might think that the pretty packaging has nothing to do with the product. No, you are definitely wrong. Jill Stuart combines both gorgeous packaging and convenience. For example, one of their best sellers, the lipstick, has the most convenient design I have ever seen. If you open the lid and you can see a mirror inside, which is a plus when you need to touch up your lipstick outside.

02) Jill Stuart eye shadow jelly


The second product I’d like to talk about is their jelly eye shadow. Trust me, they do feel like jelly. I can’t help myself touching it. Easy to apply – just a finger, no brush is needed. Just like its counterparts, Jill Stuart’s eye shadow shares the same shimmer and transparent effect. It is easy to build a natural makeup look with this product.

03) Jill Stuart blush


The last product I am impressed is their 9-cubes-in-one blush. It is an upgraded version of their original 4-cubes-in-one blush. You can always mix and match the shade according to the day of makeup, the day of mood and the way you like. It comes with a little cute brush which only makes the whole thing nicer.


Bottom line: I would definitely recommend Jill Stuart products to all the girls, especially girls who like natural makeup look and love to carry makeup products around. Personally, I like the jelly eye shadow the most because of the texture and the effect.


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