Most people believe that sofas have the power to make your room interiors come to life. Your couch and chairs are definitely one of the most used furniture in your house; from having a time with yourself or having a chitchat with you friends. Sofas are indeed one of the staples in making your living rooms a great place to stay at. Consequently, it can now be seen almost everywhere and either sold at a lower or higher cost.

Sofas are now immensely sold everyday at home depots or even at department stores. In the United Kingdom, and average sofa costs about £200 to £1000 approximately depending on the size and the materials used. However, when buying cheap sofas, it would oftentimes mean it is less in quality. This is why it is best to buy our furniture at a higher price, so we can assure that warranties are given and that the materials used are really durable. Still, if you have trust issues about buying that furniture for your living room, you can try making a sofa on your own. 

When making a sofa, there are a lot of things to consider; the frame, the fabric, and the effort as well. 


The frame is your backbone to making your own sofa. It is mainly made out of wood and serves as the structure that makes the shape of your seat. However, frames vary in prices depending on the wood used. For those who are still new to making their sofas, it’s best to ask what piece of wood to use for your couch. Some wood may appear stronger, but can actually break with heavy use. It’s up to the pros in what type of wood to recommend.

Yet, you can also ask for ready-made frames from carpenters. They usually charge about £100 to £250 on the frames of your chair. Prices can actually vary on how big your desired frame is and again, the wood used to build your frame. Just remember that the frame is the skeleton of your sofa, so it is highly suggested to use a type of wood that can withstand heavy use. 


Ofcourse, your sofa cannot be complete without the cushion and the seat cover. We cannot deny that most prefer sofas because it is soft and comfortable for sitting. Cushions don’t actually have specifications; they are generally sold at the same quality. However, prices may vary from £50 – £1000 depending on the thickness of cushion you ought to buy. 

For fabrics, always purchase it at the right store to have assurance that your seat covers can be long lasting. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is one of the best shops to buy your sofa fabric needs. They have the widest variety of fabrics that are always available. Their upholstery fabrics can range from £15 – £70 depending on the materials used for their fabrics. When compared to other shops, they are very much affordable and they have a really welcoming service to their clients. Moreover, they also conduct rub tests on their fabrics so it would be proven durable for your seat essentials. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop can also send free fabric samples so you’ll be at ease when buying your fabrics online. 


It takes a lot of time and sweat to build a sofa on your own. Yet, you may not know it, but building your own sofa can be rewarding at the same time. Just put your heart to it so your sofa will turn out beautifully. More than the aesthetic and its use, it will also have a sentimental value for the one making it. 

Buying a new sofa for your home can somehow be difficult. Some sofas have the frame that you like but do not offer the kind of cover you’re looking for. Thus, people are now opting to make their own sofa for a more customised seat at home. Just remember to buy the right materials at the right shop. 

You can buy your frames at your most trusted local carpenters. When buying fabrics, make sure to purchase it at trusted stores like the Yorkshire Fabric Shop for a more assured fabric buying.

Perhaps, it’s time to have that quarantine project you have always looked forward to!



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