Five Reasons You Should Read Influencer by Brittany Hennessy

Summer Y.L. Influencer Marketing is a relatively new industry. While so many brands out there don’t want to pay influencers for their work, influencers don’t know how to ask for the compensations they deserve. As the Head of Influencer Marketing at Hearst Digital Media, Brittany Hennessy has the great experience and authority to write the book for influencers, brands, and everyone else who either wants to be an influencer or just simply curious about the industry – Influencer. I was invited to go back and teach Influencer marketing at NYU grad class and summer class, and I wish her book could have been published so I can have my classes more in-depth. The rules in the industry are forming, and you can get it from Brittany Hennessy‘s new book Influencer. It’s supposed to be a technical book but I have to admit that I cried at the end when Brittany revealed how she married her husband. Here are the five reasons that you should this book.

1. Professionalism

Reply your email in a timely manner. Negotiate with respect. Read your contract before sign your signature. Over delivery. Be easy to work with and don’t ask for ridiculous conditions. isn’t it all true in all fields?

2. Money

Don’t tell me you don’t want to monetize your influence. You want to make money, and you need to know how to budget your work. Brittany gives a golden formula of how much you should charge in this book.

3. Think Big

Before I read her book, I know that when influencers are big enough, they can launch their own labels and co-brand collections. They can also ask for a long-term contract of 6 months or above. But I have never put much thought into having an agent. She talked about when you should sign an agent and how to decide if the agent is right for you.

4. Techniques

Brittany also provides templates of all sort of pitch emails: How to pitch yourself to press like a professional PR; How to pitch brands for collaborations etc. Important basic profile on your Instagram should contact certain information, and you should be able to enhance yours based on her book.

5. Encouragement and Philosophy

Here is why I cried at the of the book: Brittany shared her personal story of how she got married to her husband, and it proved to me that you don’t have to be the woman who leaves mysteries purposely to get him hooked and you can ask him out the next day.

I love this book and I have the shared values with her. I secretly hoped there was a book like this out there when I first started three years ago.





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