Don’t Limit Your Business: James Nord of Fohr Card Says Think Global!


Fashion photographer, best dressed and Founder & CEO of Fohr Card; why pick one of these titles when you can be all of them? That’s exactly what James Nord did! The NuWa team got a chance to interview James on importance of diversity and global perspectives in the influencer marketing industry both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

James Nord, Founder & CEO of Fohr Card

James Nord, Founder & CEO of Fohr Card

What do you love most about working with an international team?

It’s helpful to be able to put a global perspective on any business idea, whether it’s related to creative campaign ideation, strategy, or even internal processes. Hearing stories from a coworker about an old ad campaign in their country, for example, is always enlightening. It’s pretty near to think that even though we’re from different backgrounds, we all appreciate have a strong appreciation for the same things.

Fohr Card Team

What do you love most about working with international clients?

Working with international clients is always refreshing since you’re able to gain insight as to why a certain brand is flourishing / can flourish in their particular market – it says a lot about the culture of their region. Often times, working internationally brings new product concepts and key markets into the mix, and we’re able to put our global thinking caps on. Because we do run so many U.S. based campaigns, it’s nice to expand this way. It’s also fun to find new influencers who we don’t work with daily, and to see who those other markets are paying attention to.

James Nord, Founder & CEO of Fohr Card James Nord with Rich Tong, Founder & CPO of Fohr Card

Is it necessary for brands to work with influencers with diverse cultural backgrounds?

If a brand works with influencers from only one cultural background, it’s simple: they’re putting limitations on the potential audience that would want to use their products. In order for a brand to expand, it’s important to tap into influencers from different cultures so they have a diverse story to tell, and so people from different backgrounds can resonate with that story.

How do you best introduce International brands to the US market?

Because international brands often place emphasis on what’s important in their particular region, it’s good to highlight certain aspects of product with a US twist – while also highlighting the brand’s history. This helps audiences appreciate it, understand it, and put meaning behind it.

We think it’s most effective to structure this type of campaign by first working with a couple of the higher tier influencers to introduce the product, and then by working with micro influencers to perpetuate relevance and to get viewers really engaging with posts.

James Nord, Founder & CEO of Fohr Card

Do you change influencer marketing strategies based on different markets in different countries?

Definitely. A campaign won’t successfully resonate with people if you don’t first identity who those people are, what their interests are, and what appeals to them.

 James Nord and Rich Tong

At the end of the day, what makes your job the most worth it?

It’s exciting to create clarity in a space that tends to lack it, and in a space that moves as quickly as this one does. We love helping influencers grow their art and furthering their careers by expanding their platforms. We also love helping clients push their boundaries by really harnessing the power of working with influencers who create content that is meaningful, inspiring, and out of the box, ultimately helping them tell their story in a much more meaningful way. Watching advertising change forms along with technology over time is truly astounding, and helping everyone involved makes rewarding.

If you’re an influencer, brand, or just a fashion enthusiast interested in James’ tie collection, then I’d highly suggest following James’ instagram or checking out Fohr Card’s website

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