Alesia Zeta, TriBeCa, NYC

Alesia Zeta (, the artist and designer who has it all: talents, beauty inside and out, personality, global experiences … As a typical outstanding Sin Style featured guest, Alesia will certainly wow you with her global experiences and the linguistic capability that comes with her international background. Born in Germany, she spent her childhood back in Russia, and then lived in Italy for a decade more or less before she moved to NYC. Besides Russian and English, Alesia speaks fluent Italian that could literally fool you as a native Italian speaker. 

She invented a new concept, painted jewelry. As tech wearable is going so big in fashion industry, she created art wearable. Who does’t like to wear a piece of art? She has done several solo exhibitions in NYC as an aspiring artist and designer. Her one-of-a-kind hand pained jewelry is also favored as global as herself. Her jewelries go fast. Don’t ever be surprised if you see her painted jewelries wearing by people when you travel to Italy…

1. What do you do? 

I am an artist who finds inspiration in designing and making painted jewelry. It’s quite a new concept that stays between art and fashion. It allows me to integrate both and gives me more room to “play”! 

2. What does style mean to you?

It’s a comfort zone 🙂 Something that although very personal, you look to express in public. Everyone can see it and perceive in a different way but only you really know what is behind it…

3. How do you define your personal style?

 Elegant with a touch of extravagance.

4.  Has your personal style ever evolved ? How do you feel when you look back at pictures of yourself?

Good question. Yes! Evolving is a progress and the way you work on yourself. I used to wear a lot more colors, for example. Now I treat color as a “luxury” – I became more selective not only in paring colors , but also in textures and shapes. What you wear influences your behavior too!

5.  What is your style most inspired by?

When I was a child e heard these amazing words by Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang regarding female’s fashion though. And it  inspired a lot my own vision of style :”All women’s fashion is merely variations on the eternal struggle between the admitted desire to dress and the unadmitted desire to undress..”  I love sophisticated/hidden  sensuality in apparently simple contest.

My favorite Italian designer is Elisabetta Franchi ( in the USA  – Elie Tahari. For affordable clothing I love Zara. But to create my own style and add more “character” I always mix it with smth “one of a kind” or a vintage piece. 

 6. How does NYC influence your personal style? 

NYC is amazing from this point of view. America sets your fantasy free and pushes your to act.   Nobody is going to judge you  if you wear some bright lemon knitted pulover with a 50’s gobelin bag. NY  really  gives you a chance to dare.! That’s what is happening to me too.

 7. How has Italy influenced your personal style?

Before moving to NCY, I lived in many countries – born in Germany, I was raised in Siberia (Russia) and Belarus and completed my studies in Italy where I spent 10 years. Eastern Europe gave me an incredible cultural background and exposed me to several arts: music, classic dance, world literature, but Italy is where defined my personal style. It made me more selective, minimalistic and ambitious at the same time!  I dealt with fashion industry and was involved in yearly design/fashion trade shows in the Northern Italy. Milan, in particular, educated me a lot and shaped my “minimalist” preferences.

8. Do you think style can be taught?

Something definitely yes! But I do believe it’s in your blood already.

9. How do you look at the crossways of art and style?  

Style is how you “art” your personality 🙂 

10. How would you define my style?

Elegant and very classy with a strong touch of femininity. 

Much Love, 


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