Turks and Caicos, Resort Life

In terms of escape, I am a big believer in ocean, beach, island and resort getaway. If you live in the states, you may have been to Mexico a thousand times ( since college spring break) and the Bahamas whenever you have a long weekend. If you are like me – constantly seeking unknown and unpredictable experience, Turks and Caicos is a good option for escape. Only because Turks and Caicos tourism is not highly developed and not well known by everyone.

In terms of escape, I am a big believer in resort life if you choose to be on an isolated vacation. If you have ever been to one of the isolated destinations (such as Maldives), you definitely know what I mean here. I have heard that people think hotel doesn’t matter, because you will be out when you travel. It is absolutely not the case here. A glamour resort can complete an ocean and island escape. 

A resort is where you lay down by the pool while reading a book, grab a bay breezy cocktail after dinner, enjoy the most localized spa and drinking your morning coffee. Choosing a resort means choosing what restaurants you will be dinning at, what lounges you will be hanging up until midnight and what customized experience you will have. 

The Resort

I stayed in The Regent Palms (http://www.regentpalmstci.com), where you can find the best spa and restaurant, and simply find it is beautiful. 

The Spa 

The Spa at Regent Palms focuses on Caribbean Spa Lifestyle, which not only offers oriented body treatments but also consternates on mindful and spiritual experience. 

Since I am an animal, I can’t resist to soak in the seaweed bath.The seaweed bath is mixed with organic and healthy herbs, oil and of course seaweed. The spa has also launched its own seaweed line. 

The Beachfront Ocean 

Turks and Caicos has the purest ocean and whitest sand in the world and less people ( which you have been looking for desperately). 

Tomorrow I will bring you out of the resort and show you this island. You will see the best hidden spots and high points in the island, and how I got chased by kids. Turks and Caicos, Island Life is coming soon! 

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