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Dathias Hoang is a New York City based menswear and lifestyle blogger. Growing up he was always being creative whether it was through the way he spoke, dressed or designed. “I don’t always speak what is on my mind or feel the need to talk. I just do it through my designs and the way I dress. I am not a man of many words, but I am a man of many outfits.”

Dathias Hoang, Founder of Modern Man Journal (

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1. What do you do?

I do digital marketing for brands. I am also the founder of Modern Man Journal. A Menswear Blog to inspire readers to “Shop Smart, Look Expensive”. A journey to looking your best during this modern age.

2. What does style mean to you?

Style to me means the ability to express yourself. To create something that shows the world who you are.

3. How do you define your personal style?    

I don’t know if I can define my style. I dress how I feel and based on the environment around me. I like to think I am a chameleon and adapt to any aesthetic.



4. Has Your personal style ever evolved ? How do you feel when you look back at pictures of yourself?    

 My personal style has evolved so much. I am easily inspired by the environment and how people around me dress. Lol I laugh at old pictures of myself because I would never believe how I actually dressed back in the days. It’s funny how much my fashion changed throughout the years.

5. What is your style most inspired by?

Instagram or the world. I follow a lot of amazing brands, photographers that shoot street styles, and fashion bloggers all over the world. They inspire me all the time.

6. How does NYC influence your personal style?

The city has amazing style. I like to walk around the city looking for inspirations from people, billboards, and art all over New York. 


7. Why do you choose Topman as today’s style spot?

I love the aesthetic style of Topman. It is very clean and strong. They are simple pieces but could be bold when styled right. I always look forward to their campaign each season. 


8. Do you think style can be taught?

Yes, it can. A lot of my friends and readers would email me for hints and where to get things. That’s what my style posts on my blog are for. I am showing my readers how to style certain pieces and where to get them. I am helping them find their stylse.

9. How do you look at the crossways of art and style?

I believe it goes hand in hand. You are a canvas and whatever you put on you is art. An expression of how you feel or who you are. Art is about expressing your emotions and inspirations. That’s how I always style myself for my blog.

10. How would you define my style?

Expensive. Expensive not in term of price or brand but in how you wear them, style and walk in them. 


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